Diana West


Ph.D. (Princeton University), Director, STS Center


History of Technology, Planning and Urbanism, Computation, Data Modeling, Industrial Design, Soviet planning and architecture

Curriculum Vitae


2013 Ph.D. Princeton University
2009 M.A. Princeton University
2005 M.A. Williams College
2003 B.A. Middlebury College

Ph.D. Thesis

"CyberSovietica: Planning, Design, and the Cybernetics of Soviet Space, 1954-1986"

Current Book Project

CyberSovietica A book on cybernetic thinking in Soviet planning and design

Publications and Projects

Under Review "The Cyborg Domicile: Human-Machine Interaction in Late-Soviet Design."

In process "Hybrid Epistemologies: Design and the Soviet Quest for a Cyborg Housewife

In process "Futuristic Past of Soviet Data"

In process "Algorithms for Innovation: the case of TRIZ"

2009 "Reconstruction Moscow: How Yuri Luzhkov Razed, Replicated, and Resurrected Russian Architecture," Pidgin 7, 2009, pp. 92-107.

2008 "Learning from Levittown: A Conversation with Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown" in World's Away: new suburban landscapes, Andrew Blauvelt, ed., Minneapolis: Walker Art Center, 2008. (Interview team with Beatriz Colomina et al.)