Irina Antoschyuk

EUSP, postgraduate student

STS Center, research fellow

SPBU, postgraduate student

postgraduate student, MA


transnational migration, highly skilled and academic migration, diaspora communities, sociology of science and technology, structure of scientific communitites, scientific knowledge production

Curriculum Vitae

Irina studies at PhD programme of European University at St.Petersburg and postgraduate programme at St.Petersburg State University. She worked as research fellow at the STS Center for 2013-2015. She focused on Russian speaking computer scientists in the UK and diasporic collaborations. Before that, she conducted comparative research of serious leisure at St.Petersburg and Berlin (2012-2014). She has diverse research experience with various topics and methodologies (psychological climate at the factory, prevention of child violence, professional union activities, protest movements, etc.). She also has professional experience in marketins and fundraising while working at the international company and British charitable organization.