Vincent Lépinay

Director of STS Center at EUSP (2012-2015), professor of sociology at Science Po

Professor Lepinay was professor at the European University in Saint-Petersburg where he was director of the STS Center.

Vincent-Antonin Lépinay hold diploma from École Normal Supérieur in Paris and a doctorate in anthropology from École des Mines de Paris and in sociology from Columbia University in New York City. Professor Lepinay was an assistant professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) between 2006 and 2013.

He published two books, “Codes of Finance” (2011, Princeton University Press) and “The Science of Passionate Interests” with Bruno Latour (2009, Prickly Paradigm Press). In 2017, he will publish “Past Perfect. An Ethnography of State Hermitage Museum » and « From Russia with Codes » with Mario Biagioli. In 2011, he received the Merton prize from Columbia University in New York for best monograph in sociology.

His research focuses on the history and sociology of science. It also focuses on developing organizational theory, social theory and new digital humanities.

Professor Lepinay joined the department of sociology and the médialab at Sciences Po as a professor.