Russian IT specialists are a unique professional group, one which is internationally well-known and continuously attract foreign headhunting companies coming to Russia. This group is actively engaged into global "brain circulation" and is one of the most dispersed professional groups, forming local Russian-speaking diasporas in all technologically advanced countries. 

In this project we deliberately used a quite broad definition of "Russian IT-specialists". It helped us to include not only computer scientists, who have publications in scientific journals, but also practitioners in IT industry, like program developers and entrepreneurs.

"Russian Computer Scientists at home and abroad" is a three-year interdisciplinary research project, approached through several fields of research: science and technology studies, regional studies, migration studies, sociology of profession and economic sociology.  The main focus of the project is on the issues of migration dynamics and mobility of this professional community, currently working in Russia and abroad.  The project consists of separate cases, each of them having specific agenda and research questions.  The project displays a comprehensive range of fieldwork conducted in Russia - in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Vladivostok; and abroad - in Great Britain, Israel, Finland, France, Estonia and USA (areas of New York, Boston and San Francisco).